Hotel Skansen Båstad

In the southern parts of Sweden you will find the beautiful little town called Båstad. Båstad is a very popular city in the summer and has many visitors. In Båstad you also find the stunning spa hotel, Hotel Skansen. The year 2020 Hotel Skansen opened their doors again after a big renovation and the result turned out even more beautiful.

The new concept is called Rooftop Spa and it offers all from an infinity pool to a relaxing department with different saunas. Of course, Tylö was involved in their renovation and delivered both a traditional sauna and a steam sauna.

A: Traditional sauna:
Temperature: 70 degrees

The first thing that spots the eye when you enter the spa is the traditional sauna from Tylö. This is a hot and dry sauna with a temperature of 70 degrees. In the ceiling there are small spotlights that looks like a sky full of stars. The heater is a Tylö Sense Commercial which has an extreme fast heat up time and reduces power output once set temperature is reached. It is available in different power outputs and it will provide soft sauna steam.

B: Infinity pool
Temperature: 38 degrees

The Infinity pool you will find at the Rooftop Spa. From this beautiful view you can relax and enjoy the warm heated pool and look out over the sea. This is where the sky meets the sea!

C: Steam sauna
Temperature: 45-50 degrees
Humidity: 100%

The steam sauna from Tylö offers a pleasant temperature and 100 % humidity. The beautiful red mosaic in the sauna gives a luxury and cosy feeling. While you enjoy the lovely steam it also does good for your skin.

D: Relax Area

The relax area offers a cosy place with interior inspired by the nature. While relaxing you have a beautiful view over the sea that brings a feeling of harmony.

E: Clover-shaped pool
Temperature: 32 degrees

This pool is a warm heated pool that has its shape after a clover. The blue mosaic brings a calm and relaxing environment.



Daniella Andrys, Marketing Manager at Gram - Great Ambiance Hotels
Photograph: Stephan Bozic,
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